Create a Space theme for WordPress – 2021 – Part 1, Setup


This series will take you through the entire development process for a WordPress theme. Space and spaceflight are used as inspiration for the look of the theme.

In order to avoid getting bogged down in design issues, Bootstrap is used for the layout. Modern sites can use CSS grid, this will be discussed later in the course.

Setup the development environment

Development is done on your local machine using Laragon server and a local installation of WordPress. This speeds the process as no file uploading or remote servers are needed.

Install the laragon server

Laragon is a local web development server that gives you a fully functional WordPress install in a few clicks. Go to the Laragon site and download the install file.

Once installed click on Start all. This will start the Apache web server and the database. Click on the Root button and you will see the web root folder location, usually C >Laragon > WWW. WordPress will be installed in this folder.

Create a new project

Right-click on the Largon window and select a WordPress App, type spacetheme in the dialog box, and a new WordPress site will be created. A new virtual host will also be created so that you can use the theme name as the web address for the local server.

Once this process has completed click on visit site and you should see the WordPress install screen. note the address is http://spacetheme.test.

Setup WordPress

Fill in the information on the setup screens and you should see the home page, once complete. Login to the backend and update WordPress to the latest version.

Go to settings>permalinks and set them to Post name.

In the next part, we add some dummy content and begin to set up the theme.