Hi, Welcome to the media production services site of Geoff. Whittaker.

Are you in need of a new web site? Is your old web site looking tired? If so you have come to the right place. I have a wide range of skills across all media and can cover most frontend design roles. I also write web design tutorials and articles. I specialise in WordPress development

Why WordPress?

WordPress is used by over 80% of small businesses and can be extended using plugins to do almost anything that you need.

This site contains a number of guides that can be used by anyone who wants to develop a new site or change an existing site. There are procedures to follow that ensure that your site fulfils the objectives that you have set.

Use the links above to visit the section that is most relevant to your needs. It is recommended that you first read the, "how to propose a job" section of this page to see good and bad examples of job proposals!

There are also a number of tutorials that will be of use to other developers.

The menus on the left or above if you are using a smartphone, link to web design tutorials and articles written by me. 

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With the the enormous range of platforms and languages out there, it's not about what you know, it's about   how fast you can learn new methods. Some of my skills are listed below.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel
  • WordPress themes and setup
  • Magento setup
  • Graphic design

How to propose a job

I have worked on Freelancer type sites and posting jobs like.....

"I want a simple Wordpress Website for my business. It will just showcase my services. I think it wont take much time."

....Is totally useless to a developer. Some wit replied to this...

"If you think it won't take much time, why not just do it yourself?"

Which I think is very appropriate! There is a certain procedure to follow when starting a project. A simplified bullet list follows.

If you look like this image, please go away.

You cannot build a tower block from a sketch on the back of an envelope

  • I will draw up a proposal from the available information, Without a proposal how do you know what you are getting?
  • I will do a costing and work out a timeline and schedule
  • I will submit the proposal to you, the client.

Anyone who does not follow the above procedure does not know what they are doing. The above is very simplified, in the past I have written proposals that have exceded fifty pages, even for a relatively simple site. If you would like someone who does know what they are doing working on your project, read on!

  1. Write down your idea in some detail, not one line please!
  2. Give some indication of your budget, £100 for a five page WordPress site is too low!
  3. Say how long is will be before you want the project operational
  4. Link to any similar sites that you are inspired by.

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will email back an example of a what a new site proposal should look like. This will be a Word document.

You can also download a PDF here.

If you are more comfortable using a form. please click here.

An example of a good initial client brief is shown below.

*New website*

I have already chosen and purchased a theme to use as a template. I require someone that is efficient, good at communicating and has high attention to detail to help to design and develop a website for my client.

The client primarily wants to use this new website as a means of achieving 2 objectives: 
- To add value & credibility to their brand - will need to have a high aesthetic value
- To communicate with and inform their stakeholder groups, eventually positioning themselves as thought leaders within their sector - the website should allow for new content to be easily uploaded by staff with low technical knowledge and it should be designed in a way that allows the content to be visible without overwhelming page viewers. 

Estimating around 10 pages

Preference will be given to those that show:

1) they have understood this brief in their response
2) creativity and uniqueness in their work.

Please let me know how much time you will need to achieve this to a high standard and what process we would need to follow (if applicable).

The client was paying £400 which is a sensible amount for this kind of job.

Logo design

Logo design is important for your business , contact me today with your idea.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Below are some commissioned projects.