New site proposal or site redesign.

For a site redesign please go through the process below. This is needed as it will help firm up your ideas. The section headings below should be used as a guide. Once I have this information I will draw up a proposal.

Aims, audience and competitors

The aims, audience and competitors of a site are often overlooked. A lot of important decisions are based on these factors. Including the design and platform used. Please let me know the above information

Prototype wire frame

An initial wire frame or block diagram is used to indicate where the main blocks of information will be placed. This will be based on your current site with any new or changed areas shown

Site Functionality

Functionality refers to what the site does, for example, the type of navigation and any login forms. Please list any new functionality that you require.

Style guide

The style guide includes:

  • Logos
  • Fonts
  • Colours

Some companies already have a style guide, or it can be drawn up using your colour and design preferences. Please list your preferred colours and fonts, or I can use your existing scheme


Search engine optimization refers to any keywords and metadata that are present in your sites content. This information is used by Google to index and present your pages on the search engines home page. SEO is usually targeted for the aims of each page. Let me know the aims of each article or page.

Click on the cog symbol above to print this page and use it as a guide.

You can download a site redesign guide PDF here

If you find it easier you can also fill in this form. New site or site redesign form

An example of a good client brief is shown below.

*New website*

I have already chosen and purchased a theme to use as a template. I require someone that is efficient, good at communicating and has high attention to detail to help to design and develop a website for my client.

The client primarily wants to use this new website as a means of achieving 2 objectives: 
- To add value & credibility to their brand - will need to have a high aesthetic value
- To communicate with and inform their stakeholder groups, eventually positioning themselves as thought leaders within their sector - the website should allow for new content to be easily uploaded by staff with low technical knowledge and it should be designed in a way that allows the content to be visible without overwhelming page viewers. 

Estimating around 10 pages

Preference will be given to those that show:

1) they have understood this brief in their response
2) creativity and uniqueness in their work.

Please let me know how much time you will need to achieve this to a high standard and what process we would need to follow (if applicable).

The client was paying £400 which is a sensible amount for this kind of job.