I have published books and written brochures as well as created compelling product listings.

Descriptions that convert?

Writing descriptions that convert , what works best?

The marketing acronym AIDA applies to product listings.


Grab the readers attention  with a hook


Maintain their interest by stressing the advantages or exclusivity of the product


Describe the products extra features or functions or make one up!


Make sure you have a call to action,  stress scarcity or a time limited deal

The heading = attention

Write a heading that gets the customers attention, stress the size, quality or exclusivity of the product.


The hook = interest

Create a sentence that hooks the customer. Here we add what seems like an extra item with the interior.

This high quality cat cushion has left many customers satisfied while still maintaining durability. Not only do you get the cover but also a padded interior.

The details = desire

Add a social element, why should the customer buy this product?

The large 50 cm x 50 cm size creates a great talking point. for your home

Reassurance = action.

Order now and get your luxury cat cushion. Free shipping!

Reassure the customer that your store is secure by displaying a secure checkout image directly under the description.

This formula can be adapted for most product types. The live item in a Magento store can be seen here.