Adventures in job land

Please think about the people you are messing about when you invite people to an "interview". They may have been travelling for hours and have spent money getting there. I used to like Cltheroe until encountering this clown!

Drop your condescending superior attitude and try to be human. Don't flip through your papers and ask what my date of birth is, as if to say, how did this geriatric asshole get through? It is degrading, insulting and totally irrelevant for a desk job!

"you seem a little agitated" is a priceless way to relax a person! You would be fairly agitated if you had been travelling for hours and  just been insulted!

on another topic, I had an agency fruitloop ring up the other day, he sounded like he was on drugs with a load of babbling BS about my portfolio, cut the dose son.

I also had a close encounter with zero hours slavery, recently. I went for an interview at a local gifts supplier, they sell online, a kind of third rate Amazon. I had read some of their feedback on job sites, these were along the lines of,  "used to buy from them until I worked there"  kind of thing. So I had no great hopes. Having other part time jobs, I asked if they had a rota or flexible hours. What a joke! Its a turn up when ordered kind of job, with absolutely no control of when you work or for how long (up to twelve hours). I think that is the definition of slavery? Not sure about Victorian values, more like Victorian conditions! Until zero hours contracts are made illegal this type of nonsense will continue.

These are a few examples of what you are up against in today's cesspit employment market. I will sign off for now, I'm feeling a little agitated.